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Roderick Glanville

Courses taught

  • Acting


Roderick brings a career of 25 years performing for audiences across Canada and the U.S. His director credits for Kaleidoscope Theatre include the popular musical The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Boy who learned to Fly, Hair, and As You Like It. He directed for the Young Playwrights Festival for 12 years. Hana’s Suitcase is his most recent directing project at the Metro Theatre. Favourite roles include Captain Hook in Peter Pan, Edgar in King Lear for Bard on the Beach, Billy Bishop Goes to War for Victoria Summer Theatre, Expo 86 with Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Theatre in the Schools for the Stephenville festival and Manitoba’s Theatre for Young People. His one-man adaptation of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick has been performed all over Vancouver Island. He has created and performed with the Victoria Symphony with his adaptation of Peter and the Werewolf, and A Soldiers Tale. On stage recently: Goth in Kaleidoscope’s Silverwing, Gandalf in The Hobbit, Salieri in Amadeus at the McPherson Playhouse, and Banquo in Macbeth.

As an instructor Roderick is reknown for his very enthusiastic and fun loving approach. He is currently Artistic Director of Kaleidoscope Theatre.


  • Actor, Near Silence


“Roderick is one of the most dedicated and inspiring teachers I have ever observed, and his discipline and high standards are most commendable. He has a terrific track record of providing the highest quality of instruction, and always approaches his work as a teacher with the same enthusiasm and commitment he brings to his professional work as an actor, director and writer.  His knowledge and experience are generously shared with his students, and  although he demands the best from them  he is always both approachable and available.  I cannot pay him any higher compliment than to say that, as an instructor, he is someone I look up to for insight and inspiration.”
Ian Ferguson – Creative Director, Less Bland Productions Inc., CHEK Media Group

“As a director, Roderick continually pushes me beyond what I believe I can accomplish as an actor and through his trust and believing in me, he helps me become the character I never thought I could be.   As a teacher, Roderick’s encouragement and knowledge, as well as his humour makes every class so much fun.  I’ve learned so much from him as an acting coach and as a director.   Working with Roderick always brings a smile in my life.”

Aly Tisdale – Actor, Victoria

“Roderick has been an amazing influence on my development as a young actor.  He has helped me focus my energy in a positive and creative way.”

Stuart Cameron – Actor, Victoria

“Roderick Glanville has trained me for several years, and has always been a large inspiration. He has taught me to always think outside the box and be truly creative with my work. This is in fact what has lead me to creating my own performances, which is now what I am specializing in. Roderick has showed me to perform without fear or boundaries and truly enjoy and be confident in my work.

Bronwyn McCleod – Actor, Victoria

“Roderick Glanville has taught us to look inside ourselves to find our characters instead of looking at others. He has also taught us to help our fellow actors in a scene if they are struggling. His technique is not to teach us how to be the character in our scene, but how to shape ourselves in whatever way we want so that it not only is amazing, it’s ours. I can speak for the rest of the class when I say that Roderick Glanville is the reason we will have careers in acting.”

Emily Van Oosten – Actor, Victoria

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