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VAD Arts is a fully accredited school that trains actors for careers in film & TV.


You’ve known for a long time you want a career in film and TV. It’s your passion. But you’re not quite sure how or where to start.

NOW is the time, and VAD Arts is the place!

Our signature Acting for Film & TV Diploma Program is a full-time, 8-month intensive acting development program fully designated by the provincial and federal governments, and is StudentAid BC approved. You receive rigorous training that will prepare you for the camera and the stage. Graduate equipped with a diploma, professional headshots, audition demo reel, CV, voiceover demo’s, and the skills and confidence to launch your professional acting career in film, television, or theatre.

There is a huge interest and demand for film actors in BC — film production is at an all-time high. With VAD Art’s excellent reputation, strong curriculum and experienced faculty, your future in film and TV looks bright!


Do you want to improved your actors toolkit — or try something new and exciting? Then you should check out our popular part-time acting classes. You could join our illustrious group of alumni working in the Film & TV Industry — you could get your start at VAD Arts! Want more information?

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What’s acting school like? Find out by auditing one of our part-time or full-time Acting for Film & TV classes — for FREE. We invite you to attend a class and observe students and faculty at work. You can ask questions, get more information and decide if actor training is right for you.

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