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Why should I pursue a full time acting program?
» There is no substitute for technique, and it takes time to develop it. Many aspiring actors crash and burn early on in the dog-eat-dog world of film and TV without a solid foundational training.

Why study at VAD Arts?
» We offer exceptional one-year foundational training. Our faculty is aligned in its approach to complete actor training.

Why study in Victoria?
» It’s a gorgeous city with plenty to do, without the torrential rains of Vancouver or bitter cold / stifling heat of Toronto.

Do you accept international students?
» Yes. The Academy is EQA Designated.

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I don’t have much acting experience. Should I still apply?
» Yes. Although it is helpful to have experience, it is not necessary. What IS necessary is a fierce commitment and strong work ethic.

What is the most important advice you have for students who are going to audition for the school?
» Want it. Be yourself.

How much does the full time program cost?
» $13,000 Cdn (+GST). Please contact us for international tuition cost. Student lines of credit are available, and the Academy is StudentAid BC Designated.

Is there financing available?
» Yes. Please email info@vadarts.com for details on our student line of credit program, or visit StudentAid BC for information about Student Loans.

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