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Level III Intensive is on December 2 & 3

This 2-day Weekend Intensive has three levels:

Level I
Saturday & Sunday, January 27 & 28 or March 24 & 25
9am-3pm (1/2 hour lunch break) | $199 +GST
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Want to uncover the potential of your unique voice and learn how to make a career out of it? Not sure how to get started or take it to the next level? This Level I 2-day workshop is for you!
Level II
Saturday & Sunday, February 17 & 18
9am-3pm (1/2 hour lunch break) | $199 +GST
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This intensive is ideal if you have some training in acting or voiceover and would like to hone your skills and become more proficient and natural behind the microphone. Victoria will work with you to find your ‘natural, conversational, authentic’ read, which is vital for the business today. You will receive all the recordings of your work. The Level II intensive workshop is also perfect for people who want to be more comfortable speaking in front of others – at work, in a group etc.
Level III
Saturday & Sunday, December 2 & 3
9am-3pm (1/2 hour lunch break) | $199 +GST
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With the Level III intensive training will take you deeper into the root of your voice, anchor your unique expression and qualities, and delve into fine tuning your reads both pre-practiced and on the spot. We will play with character voices for animation and find and portray the story in long text – medical, audiobook, narration.
All of these intensive workshops are beneficial for teachers, voiceover artists, singers, narrators, and anyone who uses their voice every day.

Instructor Victoria Scott will provide you with the basics you need to know, including:

  • Character voices for novels and animation
  • Narration
  • Commercials
  • Studio etiquette
  • Working with agents
  • Setting up your own sound booth
  • Working online from home

Get ready to amp up your skill set and give voice to your dreams. Be sure to register fast — space is limited.

  • Please note that part-time studies do not constitute career training. We do not offer refunds, partial refunds or make-up classes.
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Feedback from previous Weekend Voiceover Intensives

“Confidence seems to be a key element to doing voice acting. This class changed how I see the industry, changed how I see myself, changed how I carry myself, and made me more confident to pursue my dreams and much more confident in my abilities. Victoria has an amazing intuitive ability to listen and give the best possible direction for the person working. I highly recommend this class for anyone even considering a career related to voice acting.”

“Was a fun, fantastic and informative weekend, Victoria! So glad you decided to put this workshop on. You’re an awesome leader. Thanks for helping me break through some fears!”

“Wow! That was the best feedback session ever! Thanks Victoria for helping us realize our voices. It was fun.”

“The workshop was an inspiring, confidence-building experience. Vicky has a special gift for creating a welcoming, safe place to learn. We all emerged with a much richer understanding of the voice over world and our own potential place in it. Superb!”



Now based on Vancouver Island, Victoria is originally from England where she started her professional acting career at the age of 10. She trained in London, performed all over Britain and then moved to France where she acted in both English and French. Her voiceover career began when she was asked to be the voice for the international launch of the Airbus A380. Since then she has recorded audio books, radio and television commercials, narration for documentaries, dubbing for movies, character voices for short animation movies and novels, podcasts, meditations, and more. She now works with one of the top agents in Vancouver and records for clients all over the world.

Victoria teaches voiceover as part of the A.C.T. Program at VAD Arts. Learn more about Victoria Scott here.


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