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VAD Arts was thrilled to bring world-class NYC cinematographer, director and producer, Ramsey Fendall, to Victoria, BC to shoot our Acting for Film & TV Diploma Program demo reels alongside producer/director Graham McDonald. Students applied skills they developed during their actor training in our Acting for Film and TV Diploma Program to this intense two-week professional shoot, and mini film school.

  • Students will work with professional set protocols: call times and call sheets, meeting the different departments, crew and production etiquette, hitting focus marks, slating
  • Learning to work on a set, big or small
  • Studying physical behaviours and mannerisms and how they translate to screen
  • Intense study of on-screen performance through playback and discussion
  • How to understand what the camera sees — how a camera can be like a magnifying glass
  • The director-actor relationship, and adjusting to different directing styles
  • Learning how to perform not just for the camera, but understanding how to craft performances for the director — and often more importantly, the editor
  • Re-enforcing the need to adjust and vary one’s performances by seeking playable actions
  • The importance of listening to one’s fellow actors
  • Continuity, eye lines, wardrobe, props and ‘cheating’ for camera
  • Lighting and how it can change a scene
  • Audio considerations: volume, nuance and being ‘wired’ for sound (we will use lavs, so students get an understanding of how they are applied, and their sensitivity)
  • Collaborating with the director and with other actors
  • A discussion of doing shorts and low budget features

Each student will receive a HD industry standard demo reel with two short scenes.


Ramsey is that rare combination of working filmmaker and natural teacher. We have collaborated on a variety of film projects — fiction and documentary — and whether it is directing, behind the camera or in the edit suite, he is uniquely able to combine long experience with a sense of craft and creative flare. Ramsey is also able to distill his immense knowledge of the many technical aspects of filmmaking, and not only put it to work, but patiently teach it by example to those lucky enough to be working with him.”

— Elizabeth Giamatti, A Woman Like Me (producer and director), All Is Bright (producer), Cold Souls (producer), Pretty Bird (producer)

Below are the director’s cuts of the scenes we shot to produce the 2016/17 student demo reels.

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