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Media Training: On-Camera Intensive

Instructor: Ramsey Fendall

Type of class: Intro to Intermediate

Date & Time: Saturday, May 6, 9am-3pm (30-minute lunch break)

Cost: $250 (+GST)

Please note we do not offer refunds, partial refunds or make-up classes.

Course Description:
With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram all competing for our attention, the need to deliver a message on camera has become a routine part of our digital lives. We all need media training, but aren’t always clear on how to get it.

Have you ever wanted to know how to stand before a camera and appear relaxed, natural and confident? Whether for work or play, for interviews or for performance, camera-ready skills are a great asset to have. The good news is that on-camera skills can be learned and cultivated.

During this Media Training: On-Camera Intensive, we will explore the following areas:

  • How to present oneself on social media platforms, web videos, skype conferences, advertising and company messaging
  • How to develop an awareness of actions and behaviours we might not be aware of while interacting with others
  • Tips for interviews, and what to expect from interactions with employers or journalists
  • How to avoid coming across like a robot, and instead how to enhance your message with stats and sound bites, crafting a message that is focused, concise and clear
  • Handling potential controversy and negative information
  • When running your own show, how to improve the appearance of videos through simple lighting and background techniques

Please note that part-time studies do not constitute career training.

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VAD Arts, Acting for Film and TV, Acting Classes, Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts, Ramsey Fendall, Acting Training, demo reels, camera trainingRamsey Fendall is a filmmaker and co-founder of Room 5 Films, a New York City-based production company. As a producer, director and cinematographer with over fifteen years of professional experience, Ramsey has worked on a variety of commercials, shorts, feature length documentaries and narrative films. Ramsey’s credits include shorts such as Death of a Pop Star (Glasgow, 2011), Works of Art (SF Asian American Film Festival, 2010), The Last Leatherman of the Vale of Cashmere (Telluride, TIFF, 2016), The End (Hamptons, 2016) and the feature length films Con Artist (Tribeca, 2009), Kisses, Chloe (Hamptons, 2009), BAM 150 (Tribeca, 2012), Seymour: An Introduction, directed by Ethan Hawke (Telluride, TIFF and New York Film Festival, 2014), and most recently, Major Arcana (2017). When not behind the camera, Ramsey also works as an editor on documentary and fiction films, including Moving Midway (New Directors/New Films, 2008), Skatopia (Amsterdam, 2009), and A Woman Like Me (SxSW and HotDocs, 2015), directed by Liz Giamatti and Alexandra Sichel.

ramseyfendall.com   /   vimeo.com/user2823107

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