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Kristine Letson

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Kristine’s dance and theatre training was momentarily interrupted when, at age 20, she decided to run away to sea. After serving two years as crew on a tall ship, she returned to Canada ready to continue her dance training. Being at sea honed a permanent respect for team work, determination and an understanding that limitations are there to be stretched, broadened and dispensed of.

With over 30 years of teaching under her belt, Kristine continues to be fascinated with the world of movement, both stylized and pedestrian. A keen observer of the nuances of expression, Kristine strives to open an awareness in her students to the constant fluctuations of stimuli, the never ending opportunities of expression, the ebb and flow of physical reactions, repetitions and discoveries.

Drawing from her diversified background of training, Kristine offers her students the room to develop their physical selves with structured improvisations, critical movement studies and explorations.


“Few teachers I have worked with in my life possess the skills and knowledge of movement that Kristine does. She injects a wacky sense of humour into her teaching, creating an environment for creativity and discovery all while demanding top effort from her students. Her years of experience allow for multiple perspectives for her students to consider and learn from. She is passionate about what she does and it shows.”
Cindy Winsor, 
former soloist with The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

“If you are looking to improve your technique, your musicality, your strength and fitness — all while laughing and smiling — Kristine’s classes are perfect! She has an incredible ability to create an environment of fun and hard work for any age or stage of learner. Her knowledge is profound and her love of movement and teaching are tangible.”
Kimberly Dunlop, Dancer (Victoria)

I feel very fortunate to have been taught by Kristine for many years as a teenager and young adult. Her love for both dance and theatre is infectious to all her students. Through her classes, Kristine emphasizes the importance of hard work, passion and integrity in every endeavour, both on and off the stage. This has served as an important life lesson to myself and many others as we took our careers and life goals in our own unique directions.
Dr. Ann Izard, Chiropractor, Dancer (Vancouver)


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